Save MORE! 

Here at Monitech and Take 2, we are offering the sweetest deals, which are a perfect mix of affordability and quality. You cannot find a more cost-effective solution that delivers! But did you know that you can save even MORE? 

 Aside from our brand-new units, we also offer refurbished LCDs for a much lower price! These LCDs either have mere cosmetic defects or those units with some minor technical issues that we’re able to easily repair and test. Of course, we wouldn’t sell them as brand new to maintain our commitment to our high standards. Instead, knowing these units function just as outstandingly and smoothly as the brand-new ones, we’re offering them up for nearly Half Price! 

 Mind you, the refurbished stock quantities are highly limited, so we suggest you get your hands on them as they’re quickly selling out. 

Here’s the list of the refurbished monitors we currently have in stock: 

  1. Allen-Bradley PanelView 1400E LCD upgrade kit – 2711E-T14 or K14 
  1. Fanuc A61L-0001-0096 LCD upgrade kit 
  1. Fanuc A61L-0001-0097 LCD upgrade kit 
  1. Wall mount 15.0″ LCD 
  1. HPM Command 90 LCD upgrade kit – HPM 27S14DMA01 

For any concerns, clarifications, suggestions, or whatnot, feel free to get in touch or connect with us on our socials- Facebook and Twitter. 

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