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Here at Monitech we take what our customer say about us seriously. On this page you can read some of our previous customer feedback with regards to our products and services. Please feel free to send us your reviews for posting!

Totoku CNC Display

I ran into some trouble when a CNC display went bad and our supplier was no longer available. I started doing some web searching and came across Take2Electronics/Monitech website. The website was very easy to use, giving all the needed information up front. I ran into a problem with my payment card when I went to go pay. Within a couple of minutes, I received an email from May saying she noticed there was a problem with my order and asked how she could help. After explaining my situation, she sent a new link for payment entering. It was a very simple and easy process. I filled out my information and submitted our payment. Payment was accepted instantly and a printable receipt was available. This was an example of superb customer service. Every email communication was met with a quick, pleasant response. Take2Electronics/Monitech should be recognized for their commitment to customer service as well as May should be commended for her help and service in completing my transaction. Thank you May. I hope you have a great day.



Fluke 1021 LCD Kit

Could you please send me another LCD screen same as before. My customers for these monitors have been very happy with the new LCD screens. 

I think I’m going to be needing a steady supply of these kits in the foreseeable future. I’m really glad your company came up with this new product. Thanks,


Highly recommended

I have been a very satisfied customer, and have recommended your services to many associates. Where this ends up, can only be for speculation; however I will always regard Monitech as one of the best companies to deal with.

best regards,


Dynapath 50 (Chevalier 2040 CNC)

I like your Premium Version LCD screen that I bought for my Chevalier 2040.  The installation was bit more difficult than advertised, but the results look good.  I enjoy it every time I use the CNC.


Mazak 18M Display

The tech guys Chris and Praim were very helpful, there was an issue with the install of a monitor into our Mazak 18M-Y, they sent me another Monitor and cables next day air, with some trial and error we got the monitor working. It’s great to see employee’s of a company so willing to help out and stand by their product, the Monitor looks great and is working the way it should. I would highly recommend their product to anyone of my customers who may be in need to have a Monitor replaced.
Kudo’s and Thanks

Kurt (Pennsauken, NJ)

Prototrak AGE2

Installed the LCD panel today, small adjustment to the picture, but screen looks great!

Thank you very much!


Monitech Panelview 550 LCD screen

Upgrading one of our Allen Bradley Panelview 550 with a Monitech LCD screen was very easy. The new screen is bright and crystal clear. And the best part is that I don’t have to deal with burnt out back lights anymore.

Kind regards,
Roger S

Amada Pega 357

Thanks for the help in replacing the screen on my Amada Pega 357. The new screen fit great and the installation was pretty easy.

Sincerely,  Jerry B. Houston, TX.

Panelview 550 LED backlight

Bruce H – South Carolina.

Hi there.  I just installed my Allen Bradley LED lamp module and I am really happy with it. I did find a curious thing I had to fix with it. The locking collar that clamps the fiber optic in place was rotated with the set screw pointing at the mounting bracket. A simple half turn of the lamp guts brought the lock screw to the top where it was easily accessible.

Thanks much, as we are repairing our aging AB touch screens, we will keep ordering these!

Amada 004 Press Brake

We purchased the LCD Upgrade Kit for 12-inch KME 2612M004 CRT. Our Amada press brake is 20 years old and we had to replace the display. The Monitech folks shipped the LCD screen and we received it within days. Installation was a snap. Don’t even think about buying a CRT replacement because Monitech is the way to go!
Jim A.

LCD Upgrade Kit for Roboform 20AS

We received the monitor and they installed it with out much trouble, spent more time on the removal of the old CRT monitor! The machine is up and running.
Jim B.

Grossenbacher Studer S35

Our Monitech LCD upgrade kit was simple to install. The amount of components in the old tube screen compared to the compact size of the LCD is amazing. The Picture is so much more vivid and easier to see!  Thanks,

Panelview 550 back light and Fibre Optic

Ryan N — Tallmadge, OH
Thank you for the information! I was able to get old back light swapped out in 15 minutes, and now we can actually read the screen. Talking to guys that have been here a while, they’ve used a flashlight to look at the screen for almost 10 years! So it’s good to be able to read it easier. Thank you for making a good product.

Panelview 1400e upgrade kit

Kerry P — Danville, IL
I’ve used your kits to replace the worn out CRTs on 4 Panelview 1400e HMIs. Installed the kit and everything is working beautifully, thanks.

Panelview 1000 touch glass

I like checking with you guys and gals before I pull the trigger elsewhere cause you’re reliable! 
James B.  — Franklin, IN.

Panelview 1000 Touchscreen (Repair Job)

The touch screens looked good on the units you repaired for us. We are very pleased with the touch screens and work Monitech provided. I do want to thank Monitech for their help on this.

                                                                                                                                                                    Peter L.

Amada Touchscreen

Hi Paul,
Just to pass on the good news to you.
We have just installed one of our new screens
and it is working well.

Paul S

I couldn’t have asked for better support

Just wanted to let you know that the power supply came in yesterday evening. I hooked it up and it is working beautifully. Thank you so much for all of your help on both of the Monitech monitors we recently purchased. I couldn’t have asked for better support.

Double-E Tooling

Mazak Mark2

I received my part today, a half hour later I was up and running, thank you for a great product and great service.

Alan Zordan

Okuma OSP 7000 (12 inch CRT color)

It worked perfectly only took 5 minutes to install.
Thanks for your help.

Maurice M

Fagor 8025

Great product, great price and good support from Monitech.
I have been installing, servicing and upgrading Fagor Automation
controls for 30 years now. Monitech’s products have been a great
money-saver and control saver for a lot of my customers over the years.

Glen O’Gorman

Okuma 5020L

Hi Paul – The screen is beautiful. Once it was all working I switched it
from a “green” to “blue” screen – it looks gorgeous!