Panelview 900 LED backlight

Panelview 900 backlight sheet

Has this ever happened to you? You get to fixing something and suddenly realize that the same concept can be used to fix another similar issue. In Monitech, we don’t reinvent the wheel where one is already there. It may need an update on enhancement to fit another product, so that’s what we do. Take […]

Low Volume Custom PCB Design

Video inverter board

Innovation in Manufacturing PCB Design Monitech Industrial has always been at the forefront of creating new solutions for legacy / older controller displays. In doing so, we have come to realize the desperate need for replacement circuit boards to replace the obsolete spare parts. This means there are many requests for parts that no longer […]

Panelview 600 Backlight 2711-NL3

Panelview 600 LED backlight

Panelview 600 backlight solutions There are a few different versions of Allen Bradley Panelview 600 controllers currently out in the market. These PLC machines have the HMI screen (Human to Machine Interface) or as some people call it, the operator control panel. On just about every Controller, the CRT or the LCD screen displays the […]

2711-NL2 Panelview 900 Backlight

Panelview 900 backlight sheet

How Did Monitech Save the Day (Jan 4, 2023)  As we all know “Sticky Situations” creep up at the most inopportune time with a massive “Monkey Wrench” tossed in the progress of a job or project. Nothing is more frustrating than taking half a day to setup a long running production run, only to find […]

Mazak Magic!


We’re all massive fans of the top-of-the-line Japanese brand Mazak here- and for good reason. They’re famous for well-constructed and engineered CNC machining solutions. Rivaling the likes of CNC giants like Haas, Mazak has swept the international industrial market and continues to do so until this very day.    Due to their prominence and dominance, so many different companies in various industries use Mazak machines and controllers in […]

Popular Panelviews

Replacing your Allen Bradley 1200 / 1400E Touchscreen We are pleased to announce that we can supply you with touchscreens for the Allen Bradley Panelview 1200 and 1400e HMI controls. After receiving many calls asking about these products, we have come up with a replacement touchscreen that is a perfect match. Whether your screen is damaged […]

Allen Bradley Error 31 Solved!

ERROR! FEHLER! ERREUR! ERRORE! Allen Bradley Error 31 Solved! Here’s what you must do to clear “error 31 non-touch” from a PanelView HMI controller. Your touchscreen has failed, and no amount of repeated reboots of the controller will not make this go away. You must replace the touchscreen. First things first, jump on and […]

Eaton Panelmate Controllers

Eaton Cutler-Hammer Panelmate retrofit parts   It was back in 1986 when PanelMate was first introduced. Since then, there have been six generations of PanelMate, with Eaton’s PanelMate ePro as the latest system available today. What probably best sets PanelMate apart from similar OI products would be the fact that it is the only one that allows the taking of applications from the very first generation and running them on the latest systems. This conversion procedure allows […]

Monitech CRT to LCD Retrofit Kits

Monitech CRT Retrofit kits explained In the world of older (legacy) Automation Machinery controllers, one display reigned supreme overall. The good old CRT style TV was used in a countless number of Human Machine Interface (HMI) controllers such as CNC, Lathe, Mills, Molds, press, etc. Basically, any industrial machine with a controller in it, used […]


LCD to replace old CRT

Benefits of LCD over CRT displays In the wide world of monitors and displays, there are really only 2 options. The old-style CRT and the new style LCD panel. They are both “Output” devices, where the signal comes in from a main-board video card or driver-board and the image is displayed on the screen that […]