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Being a big fan of Cycling, naturally my favorite automation machinery company is Fagor. A long-time sponsor of Spain Cycling Program, Fagor first started as a home appliance manufacturer. They were practically unheard of in North America for their appliances. Not until they started producing commercial appliances like restaurant level dishwashing machines and walk in refrigerators were they known in the Americas.

Fagor finally broke into the CNC and Lathe MFG operations, and the controller display monitor they used in CNC machines was not built to last. What happens when the controller HMI is not showing the right program parameters, well, simply put you could be making parts to the wrong specs, leading to customer returns and frustrations, late orders, usage of materials, resources, and machine capacity, an all-around loss for everyone involved. To fix this issue, all you need is Monitech and their line of Fagor repair parts and services. A new LCD unit will serve you well over the minimum of 50,000 hours it is rated under normal use, and you can sleep soundly knowing that you are protected by our 2 year warranty.

Monitech and the affiliated businesses carry the Fagor 8025 and 8020 hard to find 8 inch display unit in the form of a 6.4 inch LCD kit that fits in the same place as the old display. Other Fagor CRT to LCD replacement screens are the Fagor 8050 controller unit with a 14-inch CRT and the rare 9-inch 8055 CNC lathe monitor which is designed and developed exclusively by Monitech.

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