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FANUC- For Good! 

 In case you missed it, the 2021 Porter Novelli Purpose Premium Index (PPI) got released before last year ended. As it turns out, most American consumers are no longer pleased with just awesome- they want brands that positively impact the society, too! 

 While this is not an attempt to discuss the Porter Novelli PPI, it is worth noting that as much as 73% of Americans say that companies should show how they’re supporting communities and the environment to win their support. 

 Enter the FANUC Sustainability Report. It lists down and discusses in detail the company’s performance in contributing to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), their social and environmental impact, and corporate governance. And we love seeing good, purposeful companies thrive! While FANUC has not yet seen the revenue it used to pre-pandemic, it’s recovering steadily is on its way back to its former glory. 

 Progress should be overarching- it must be sustainable, inclusive, and making a positive difference. It has become a standard for industry leaders like FANUC to be transparent with where they’re at not only in terms of quality but also in purpose and impact. 

 And although we’re nowhere near the automation giant FANUC, we’re doing what we can to do good for the world. In case you missed it, we’re donating 5% of our Monitech website sales this January to charities supporting the less fortunate. 

 Contact us to learn more about this purposeful initiative! And as usual, feel free to get in touch with any industrial display concerns because we’d love nothing more than to be able to help. Lastly, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with all the awesome things we got in store. 


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