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The Haas Workhorse- and it’s not about F1! 

WADA looking into Haas F1 livery after Russian flag ban

For any automotive racing enthusiast, the Formula One team is probably what comes to mind when you hear of Haas.  But it isn’t a coincidence that it’s also among the revered CNC brands in America, and probably the rest of the world, today. Both the F1 team and CNC giant are owned by Gene Haas. From its origins in Sun Valley, California in 1983 to amassing over a billion dollars’ worth of annual revenue today, Haas has become one of the most reliable CNC machines operators love until this very day. 

Haas is most well-known for its flagship VF series– a  wide range CNC and Vertical Machine Centers (VMC) that cater to almost any size and requirement. Designed and built in California, these machines boast of their customizability and topnotch features at an excellent price- proudly American made. 

The VF-2 is the most sought-after model from the VF series, a compact VMC offering high productivity at a reasonable cost. It’s still widely available today, and perfectly suits every machine shop- whether it’s just starting out or even if it’s already filled with many powerful machines. 

While there’s a lot to love about the Haas VF-2 and the VF series in general, it could be quite a pain if a part starts to malfunction- say, its display. You might even have a VF-2 way back from the ‘90s that’s still up and running until now, but certain components are meant to fail one way or another, it is just  matter of time. As you probably already know, parts like Haas Monitor LCD display can be challenging to find. And you might even be thinking it’s worth it to spend 60 grand for an all-new VF-2 since the one you got has been in service for decades anyway. 

 On a second thought, maybe there’s more fight left in this workhorse. And if it’s just a dim or failing display, you’re probably right. The good news is, you won’t need to break the bank for a new one just yet, and you don’t have to scour the world for a replacement- Monitech and Take2 got it all right here. (in North America, ready for same day shipping) 

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