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Introducing the MB7000M: Your Perfect Solution to Okuma Backlight Issues

Do you often find yourself struggling with a dim or black LCD screen on your OKUMA OSP7000, OSP700, or OSP100U monochrome units? Allow us to introduce the Monitech MB7000M. This LED strip and backlight inverter is a purpose-built replacement designed to breathe new life into your machine’s LCD panels.


Uncomplicated Installation with MB7000M

Crafted to service DMF50260NFU-FW-7, DMF50260NFU-FW-2, F-51430NFU-FW-AA, or F-51430NFU-FW-AEN LCD panels, the MB7000M offers an efficient solution to your LCD woes. Our plug-and-play design means no need for cutting or soldering. Simply replace the original inverter and CCFL backlight with our MB7000M inverter PCB, and you’re all set. Its compatibility and ease of installation make this the perfect DIY solution.



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Why MB7000M?

Monitech’s MB7000M isn’t just an innovative product; it’s a perfect blend of advanced technology and cost-effectiveness, saving you from incurring extra service charges and labor costs associated with professional repairs. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  1. Cost Efficiency

    The MB7000M offers a one-to-one replacement, designed to fit in the same footprint as the original backlight. It eliminates the need for hiring technicians, thus providing a cost-effective solution.

  2. Convenience and Time-Saving

    With the easy installation process, MB7000M not only saves money but also time. You can promptly address the LCD screen issue, reducing the downtime of your machine.

  3. Advanced Design and Control

    MB7000M features our unique inverter board, regulating the current for the LED strip. This design ensures optimal brightness based on your needs and prevents LED strips from overheating, thereby guaranteeing a longer lifespan for your backlight.

  4. Enhance Your Machine with MB7000M

    With the MB7000M, your issues with the Okuma 7000 series machines’ backlighting will become a thing of the past. Its easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and advanced design make it the optimal choice for both seasoned technicians and non-technical end-users.


Monitech, with our history of engineering and designing industrial machine components, has created this product to solve backlight issues effectively. The MB7000M brings you control, convenience, and cost savings, empowering you with the choice to handle the repair process on your own terms.

Whether you’re looking for a DMF50260NFU-FW-7 or F-51430NFU-FW-AA replacement, or even a backlight solution for your Okuma OSP100U, the Monitech MB7000M is the go-to solution. It’s a simple, effective way to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your industrial machines.

Try the Monitech MB7000M today and experience the difference. The MB7000M is your reliable and innovative choice for a monochrome LCD backlight replacement.


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