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Innovation in Manufacturing PCB Design

Monitech Industrial has always been at the forefront of creating new solutions for legacy / older controller displays. In doing so, we have come to realize the desperate need for replacement circuit boards to replace the obsolete spare parts. This means there are many requests for parts that no longer exist or the company that used to produce them has long gone out of business. There is another issue that compounds this problem. The OEM (Original Equipment MFG) may also be sold to another entity, who, when contacted wants to sell you on their new super dooper, Gluten Free, Low Fat, machinery at hundreds of thousands of dollars, all because no-one can find the replacement part – it is “Obsolete”.

So, how do you “un-obsolete” an item that has been out of circulation for nearly 20 years? You need experience and innovation to produce / replicate the old technology that works with today’s requirements. There are more variables to factor in: when a company does not want to spend the money on a brand-new half a million dollar new machinery, they are forced to make the old one work at any cost. This usually means that they modify the original equipment, solely because they can’t find the replacement part. Another issue is when the other part supplier is contacted, you are force fed a minimum purchase quantity in the 100’s or 1,000’s – all for 1 or 2 pieces of repair parts that are needed to finish a run and satisfy the backlog of orders.

This is where Monitech can pick up the fumbled ball and run it in the endzone for a touchdown. Let me explain this timely analogy a bit further. (SuperBowl is in 10 days’ time!)

Here at Monitech, we already have the diagnostics knowledge to pinpoint exactly where the problem with a controller lies. What is important is being able to produce an obsolete spare part in low volumes that actually work, all this without charging an arm and a leg in engineering fees with quick turnaround times, here in North America. That is the beauty of our latest venture in the “low volume PCB design and Innovation”.

OK, now let’s get technical. Please find some examples of our enhancements to old design and newly designed products  shared below:

Video inverter board Sync pulse PCB

And many more. Please let us know if & when you need our help, and we will work with you to get you the part you need in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Feel free to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and read our Quora posts.

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