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Panelview 600 LED backlight

Panelview 600 Backlight 2711-NL3

Panelview 600 backlight solutions

There are a few different versions of Allen Bradley Panelview 600 controllers currently out in the market. These PLC machines have the HMI screen (Human to Machine Interface) or as some people call it, the operator control panel. On just about every Controller, the CRT or the LCD screen displays the parameters entered for the program that need to run. Well, since the CRT’s don’t have a backlight, that LCD screen is only as good as the backlight that lights up the Liquid Crystals to show you how many parts you have run, and what program is currently running. The question is this: what happens if you can’t read the screen? Answer: you are down!!! And Downtime is a 4-letter word that does not help anybody.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:
1) Swap out the CRT or the LCD with a new one
2) Find out if the issue is the backlight and change the backlight

OK, great. Now what’s available out there in the aftermarket arena?? If you go to the dealer, they always try to up-sell you into a new high efficiency, current technology controller. Why you might ask? Because it has the most profit for the MFG and the dealer. This is where Monitech shines very brightly. We can offer the repair part to change the LCD or the backlight on the Panelview line at a fraction of the cost from the OEM. What’s more is that we have stock, you want it the next day, no problem. You are not in a big rush, have it ground shipped, and you will get it in 2 to 3 days.

Specifically speaking, Monitech Panelview 600 LED backlight is a new design development by our technicians and it offers huge benefits over the standard CCFL bulbs that currently reside in the Panelview 600 controller display. The LED bulbs are massively brighter, I’m talking 800 nits vs 200 nits on the CCFL. Also LED lights last longer especially against breakage and they draw much less power (only 0.5 Amp) meaning the controller power supply does not have to work as hard.

Feel free to view our videos on YouTube and judge for yourself how effective and easy Monitech Panelview 600 backlight and touchscreen solutions really are. We also carry the LCD for this controller screen. You can always reach out to us on our website VIA Contact Us or start a Live Chat. We are here to help you get back up and running parts as quickly as possible.

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