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Panelview 900 backlight sheet

Panelview 900 LED backlight

Has this ever happened to you? You get to fixing something and suddenly realize that the same concept can be used to fix another similar issue. In Monitech, we don’t reinvent the wheel where one is already there. It may need an update on enhancement to fit another product, so that’s what we do. Take a concept that is already in place, and it is proven to work well, and we use it to bring a logical solution to a similar issue.

By this, I mean the Panelview controllers that use the U shaped CCFL backlight bulbs. One perfect example is Panelview 600. This unit suffers from backlight outage frequently. Monitech solution is to use LED’s – even though we sell the CCFL bulbs. The solution to this issue was an easy one. Use an array of bright LED modules on a PCB sheet with traces to carry the electricity to each LED light. The results were astonishing! To our surprize the reliability of the final product was exponentially better than the OEM (CCFL) solution. I mean you could throw this LED sheet across the room, and it will still work. With CCFL, you need to solder them into place, then carefully insert the housing in the controller, and again, very carefully so that you don’t break the light bulb or the solder joints, hook up the power and close the controller.

This picture shows you how simple the LED backlight solution really is. Monitech has done all the work for you, so all you have to do in screw this unit in place and plug in the power – DONE! It is that easy. The performance has proved to be much better, as LED’s are twice as bright with only a fraction of the voltage.

Here is the beauty of it all. We have applied the same principals to create a similar product for the Panelview 900 controller Backlight. Easy to install, much more reliable, and twice is bright with half the voltage of the OEM (2711-NL2). The other good thing is, it is in stock in Canada and USA right now, with no minimum purchase quantity (you know how they try to sell you on 100 pieces to get a good price? We don’t!)

Monitech part MB900LED in stock now (because we make it here)

Monitech has a whole host of backlights in stock for many different controllers. We also work with a reseller to offer better pricing. Our good friend over at T2 Industrial will receive you with the same enthusiasm and professional conduct as Monitech and the product is exactly the same but for a few bucks less. Please flip through their website to see all the products and services available to our valued customers. Feel free to contact Monitech or T2 Industrial for further info on any of our products and their features. We are here to help.

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