Allen Bradley Power Flex

Allen Bradley powerflex keypad-2

Flex that Power     Aside from its superb line of CNCs, Allen-Bradley also manufactures VFDs. Put simply, VFDs are a special kind of motor starter that can control motor speed and torque by adjusting the motor frequency and voltage. Just like soft starters, it limits the inrush current upon startup and gradually ramps it up to protect the motor from damage. In addition […]

GE Fanuc Love affair!!

LCD replacement part for Fanuc controller

A Glance at the FANUC-GE Partnership   It’s one of those rare instances when the opening line to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet rang true for the industrial world- “Two households both alike in dignity…” If you haven’t heard, the two industrial giants FANUC and GE once decided to hop on a partnership program to dominate the land of industrial automation.   It all began […]

The Omron NS Series: A Quick Overview 

It’s no secret that the industrial display market is brimming with highly competitive and topnotch OEM parts- but what makes The Omron NS Series awesome? Here’s a quick overview with reliable information derived from official Omron literature.    Varied and Diverse Options  With screen sizes ranging from 5.7 to 10.4 inches, the NS Series offers both color and monochrome models with different functions […]

Touch Screen for Panelview Plus Series 7 Part # 2711P-T10C22D9P

10 inch Panelview plus sereis 7 touchscreen with overlay

Replacement  Touch Screen for 10 inch Panelview Plus Series 7 – OEM Part # 2711P-T10C22D9P. This Graphic Terminal Controller HMI is in stock now in our USA warehouse.

We also carry the Panelview Plus Series7 Keypad only and the Keypad with Touchscreen combo. Please Contact Us regarding any questions with this product series.


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Amada CNC FAB3 NT controller Touchscreen – 14 inch

Amada touchscreen

Our Touchscreens are made with durable industrial grade material for a long lifespan. This Touchscreen will fit the Amada CNC FAB3 controller. The 8 wire ribbon style connection is very easy to install. You can also visit our Our Touchscreens HMI Section to browse around for other choices and options. To purchase the Amada 14 inch touchscreen, just click ADD TO CART. It is fast and secure, and if we have stock in North America. Overnight delivery available.


2711P-RDT12CK Panelview Plus 1250 Touchscreen Replacement

Monitech’s 2711P-RDT12CK Series C Panelview Plus 1250 Touchscreen Replacement: A touchscreen solution meticulously tailored for the 2711P-RDT12C Series C Panelview Plus 1250. This product equips your industrial machinery with advanced technology, enhancing the interaction with your equipment through a high-quality touch screen and overlay. Compatible with OEM Touch Screen Part # / TPI# 1292-002 Rev B and Rockwell part # 77158-185-55, this replacement ensures seamless integration and maintains the operational integrity of your machinery. With this replacement, not only is your system’s usability enhanced, but you also gain the assurance of a standard warranty, solidifying reliability and your confidence in this essential upgrade.

We also carry the Keypad for Panelview Plus 1250, Click Here.


Are you in US and worried about cross-border shipments? Purchase conveniently through our trusted partners.

But this from t2industrial