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    Okuma OSP 700M LCD upgrade kit

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    Okuma OSP 700M LCD upgrade kit

    Monitech Premium LCD upgrade for 8 inch Okuma OSP 700M series. Power and video cables as well as warranty with Technical support included.

    Special Notes:
    This unit can be either a 9″ Monochrome, a 10.4″ LCD, or a 14″ colour.
    For the 9″ Monochrome, use the replacement on this page (verify blue honda)
    For the 10.4″ LCD panel only use MP7000 (DMF-50260 NFU-FW-8 und DMF-50260 NFU-FW-2 ) or F-51430NFU-FW-AA )
    For the 14″ Colour, use the 14JB. (ML121QT14JB – Okuma (CD14JBS)

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