Monitech Refurbished LCD Monitors

Here at Monitech we have collected a very limited number of LCD monitors that do not pass our strict quality standards. Our well trained Technicians have replaced the failing components with a brand new replacement, and thoroughly tested these units to ensure they function up to our high standards. The units below have been released by Monitech Engineering department, and deemed suitable for sale. This means that you (the customer) will benefit from a perfectly good working Monitech LCD monitor for fraction of the OEM cost. If you can look past the slight cosmetic imperfections, you will save up to 50% with the Monitech Refurbished line of products.

Click on the link below to go to that web page, then click ADD TO CART to purchase right from the landing page. If you need more info please feel free to Contact Us.

(All prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping)

  1. Refurbished Panlview 1400 LCD is Sold Out.
  2. 14 inch Panelview 1400E ($795.00) …… 2 unit (LL frame)
  3. 14 inch Fanuc A61L-0096 ($650.00) …..  2 units (QT frame)
  4. 14 inch Fanuc A61L-0097 ($995.00) …..  1 units (QT frame)
  5. 15 inch Wall Mount LCD   ($595.00) ….. 1 units (QN frame)
  6. 14 inch HPM Command 90 (SOLD!!)     (includes touchscreen)