Terms of warranty

Limited Warranty Details

  • Premium LCD Upgrade Kits (QT Version) have a 2 year warranty.
  • Light LCD Monitors (LL Version) have an 18 month warranty.
    • The major differences from the Premium LCDs are:
    • 1) LL Version has a Do It Yourself (DIY) install Kit comes with the metal mounting brackets that Customer needs to install according to the Controller frame alignment.
      2) LL version does not have protective anti-glare front glass.
      3) LL Version comes protected with an 18 month warranty.
  • Economy LCD versions (TL) have a 9 month warranty.  (Sold by Take2electronics.com only: A Division of Monitech)
  • Refurbished LCD units have a 90 day warranty.  (Sold by Take2electronics.com only: A Division of Monitech)
  • Touchscreens, Keypads & Overlays have a 90 day warranty.

All other Monitech brand new products have a 1 year warranty unless otherwise noted on the specific web page.

Did you buy this product through one of our distributors?

If you have purchased this product through a distributor or re-seller, please contact them to begin the warranty process.

If you purchased this unit from Monitech…

Returns within 10 days of purchase
Submit the Warranty Claim within 10 days and return the product within 30 days for 100% refund, 100% credit or exchange.

Returns within 30 days of purchase
Submit the Warranty Claim within 30 days and return the product within 60 days for 90% refund, 100% credit or exchange.

Failure within two years (Premium LCD Kits Only)
If the Premium LCD upgrade kit you purchased after Feb 1, 2018 fails, submit the Warranty Claim within two years of your purchase date (This offer excludes the new LL version monitors) We will repair the item or replace it free of charge and will ship the item back to you via UPS Next Day. If you need a faster return speed, we ask you to cover any additional charges.

International Customers (other than USA and Canada)                                                                                        For International Customers (Other than USA & Canada) are responsible for cost of shipping on warranty returns and exchanges.

Light LCD monitors (LL Version)

Our Light Version monitors (MLxxxLLxxx) carry an 18 month limited warranty. Please submit the warranty form no later then 1.5 years after the purchase, for review.

Touchscreen, Keypads and Overlays 90 days Warranty

Touchscreens, Replacement Controller keypad and Overlays (with or without touchscreen) have a 90 day limited warranty. These units must be installed by a qualified technician. Warranty void if damaged during installation.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Request a repair by completing the form , if you would like Monitech to perform the repair, regardless of where you purchased your controller; or if the warranty term on the Monitech unit you purchased has expired.
We also offer repair services for all the brands we sell. If you are not sure how to repair your display, send it to us and our experienced repair technicians will repair your unit and return it within 5 days of receipt.

Warranty is void if:

  • Product is shipped to us without completed Warranty Claim and RMA number.
  • Product is damaged due to misuse or improper handling.
  • Any parts are replaced or repaired.
  • Product is used or placed inappropriately.
  • Product is exposed to liquids, harmful gases, electrical shock, physical shock, or temperatures outside -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C).
  • Product is used with electrical voltage other than 12VDC.
  • Serial or product label is modified or removed.