DMF50260NFU-FW-2 or 7 – Okuma OSP-700L / 7000 LCD panel


DMF50260NFU-FW-2OSP-700L – Okuma 7000 LCD Display.

When ordering this product, please specify if it is for the Cadet series or the Crown series. Please note there are 2 very similar products (MP7000B).

Dear Customer, please let us know which model you are replacing
MP7000 – (DMF50260NFU) DMF5 OSP-700M, OSP-700L
DMF50260NFU-FW-7 or DMF50260NFU-FW-2
Cadet Series D760
Crown Series O243

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Okuma display9.4 inch DMF50260NFU-FW-2 or 7 – Okuma OSP-700L – Okuma 7000 LCD panel is a perfect replacement panel with long lasting LED backlights and low power consumption. You can buy this unit right from this page, fast and secure.
90 Day Warranty included. (Be careful, there is a MP7000B that is for a different series)

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