Allen Bradley Panelview Short 550 Fiber Optic strands – 7 inch


At Monitech, we have the short (7 inch) fibre optics to go with the Allen Bradley 550 panelview back light (Sold separately) The heat from the OEM light bulb will melt the fibre ends and make them brown, which will not allow light to get to the screen. We have a solution for all of these issues. You can purchase the Fibre Optic displayed here, however, you will likely need our LED back light as well. There is also the option of replacing your old screen with our All-In-One LCD which will replace all 3 devices (Back light, Fibre Optic, and screen)


Fiber array

Short fiber optic array

Back light sold separately 
One of the most common failures is the stock incandescent back light bulb overheats, causing the fiber optic to melt. This leads to extremely dim screens, some becoming completely unreadable. At Monitech we have developed the perfect replacement for the Fiber optic backlight. We have the Short version you see here, and we also carry the Long version. Click here to see the long version.

Fits all 2711-T5 models

  • 2711-T5A10L1
  • 2711-T5A12L1
  • 2711-T5A14L1
  • 2711-T5A15L1
  • 2711-T5A16L1
  • 2711-T5A1L1
  • 2711-T5A20L1
  • 2711-T5A2L1
  • 2711-T5A3L1
  • 2711-T5A5L1
  • 2711-T5A8L1
  • 2711-T5A9L1

The Part numbers correspond to the following parts:

550 Fiber Optic Short – MB550FOS

If you have a keypad or a 2711-K5 or 2711-B5 please see the MB550FOL

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