Arguably, Rockwell Automation is the king in the automated industrial landscape with the Allen-Bradley PLC line as the jewel in its crown. The PanelView Plus 6 Graphic Terminals, for example, has improved upon the already sought-after PanelView Plus line with graphic terminals that would allow the monitoring, control, and display of application status information graphically and, at the same time, offer the flexibility of the Windows CE® operating system. 

 The PanelView Plus Series 6 graphic terminals, available from standard sizes as small as 4 inches up to as much 15 inches, are known for helping optimize system development, performance, and efficiency. Along with the TFT flat-panel display, the terminals have a resistive touchscreen option for operator input, and a solid state or hard disk drive storage. But of course, non-display versions are also available, and they also come in standard and performance models.  

One of the commonly used models in this Allen-Bradley series is the PanelView Plus 1500– an operator terminal that features a 15-inch colored flat panel with a 640 x 480 resolution and 18-bit graphics, which supports user input via either a keypad with 40 keys or a touchscreen or both, and uses RS-232 and Ethernet networks connection, and has two USB ports. 

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