How To:
Chris demonstrates how to install the LCD upgrade kit for the Okuma 7000.

The CRT replacement and the cables to plug it in the existing Okuma 7000 machine are included.

Our Warranty Policy:

At Monitech, we take quality seriously. Our business is all about getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. This is why we warranty our products for one year against any manufacturing defects.

Sometimes a phone call or email can solve the problem. If you are having video or cable issues with your new LCD, read the user guide that came with your model. If you still need help, write to us [link to support inquiry contact form] to get technical support from our Quality Control team. You can also call us!


Monitech’s Mission: Our Mission is to Provide High Quality product, Fair Market Pricing, Fast On-Time Delivery and Continuous Customer Support.

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