Although the Allen-Bradley PanelView 1200 is an already obsolete line of CNC machines, lots of them are still out on the production floor today boasting their speed, flexibility, ease of operation, and cost-effectiveness. There are probably even operators who are able to keep their PanelView 1200s in mint condition. For today, though, we want to give a shoutout to how easy it is to screen print from a PanelView 1200. 

As the name suggests, the screen print option allows the operator to print the current screen- that is, copying the current screen to the PanelView 1200 terminal’s print queue and then send it to the printer. While you can do it manually by pressing a button, the programmable controller can also trigger the screen print. The configuration is described further in detail in the Allen-Bradley Reference Manual. 

What I’d like to focus on, though, is how all this would be in vain if the screen itself is busted. But we got you, as always! We have the LCD Upgrade Kit for the monochrome CRT and we do have the one for color. And it doesn’t end there- we have the keypad and touchscreen replacements, too. 

With all that said, as long as your controller is working, we take care of all the spares you need so you can screen print all day, all the way. 

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October sales promo youtube video 

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