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Enhancing Performance and Longevity: Introducing the MBFANUCS160i- Backlight Assembly Kit for FANUC SERIES 160i


In the realm of industrial automation, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of equipment is paramount. Addressing this need, Monitech presents the MBFANUCS160i Backlight Assembly Kit, specifically designed for the FANUC SERIES 160i with the 10.4″ color Sharp LCD panel LQ10D368. This advanced kit offers technical excellence to enhance brightness, extend lifespan, and simplify installation.


Seamless Integration with the 24v Input Inverter: At the core of the MBFANUCS160i kit lies the exceptional 24v input inverter, developed by Monitech. This stateoftheart component streamlines the replacement process for the outdated CCFL backlight. With its plugandplay functionality, you no longer need to navigate the complexities of 12v voltage conversion. The inverter seamlessly handles the voltage conversion, making the installation process quick and straightforward.

Optimized Brightness and Extended Lifespan: The primary objective of the MBFANUCS160i kit is to enhance the brightness and prolong the lifespan of the LCD panel LQ10D368. This LCD panel,
known for its rarity in the market, can be challenging to replace entirely. However, by focusing on replacing only the backlight, you can significantly extend the panel’s usability by several years. This approach saves you the effort of sourcing a new panel and ensures continued operational efficiency.

Effortless Integration for Uninterrupted Operations: Monitech’s commitment to simplicity is evident in the design of the MBFANUCS160i kit. The plugandplay installation process allows for seamless integration of the new backlight assembly. Complex wiring procedures and intricate installations become a thing of the past. With minimal steps, you can have your FANUC
SERIES 160i up and running with an invigorated LCD panel, delivering vibrant visuals and optimal performance.

Unleash the Potential of Your FANUC SERIES 160i: By investing in the MBFANUCS160i Backlight Assembly Kit, you are prioritizing the peak performance of your industrial automation system. The kit replaces the outdated CCFL backlight with precision, optimizing brightness and extending the lifespan of the LCD panel LQ10D368. Monitech’s engineering excellence ensures reliable and efficient performance, empowering you to focus on driving productivity and success in your industry.



The MBFANUCS160i Backlight Assembly Kit represents a technological breakthrough in optimizing the performance and lifespan of your FANUC SERIES 160i. With its advanced 24v input inverter, streamlined installation process, and focus on enhancing brightness and extending panel longevity, this kit offers a seamless blend of technical excellence. Upgrade your FANUC SERIES 160i with the MBFANUCS160i Backlight Assembly Kit and experience enhanced visuals, prolonged usability, and uninterrupted operations. Trust Monitech’s dedication to technical expertise to unlock the full potential of your industrial automation system.

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