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Hassel free CNC  – Milltronics Partner 4 with Centurion 5 controller 

Monitech 12 inch Quick Fit LCD front view
12 inch Premium LCD

Milltronics has been delivering on the promise of a “hassle-Free CNC machine for years. Milltronics and their partner The Centurion 4, Centurion 5 & 6 controllers (They like to use Roman Numerals IV – V & VI) brought new technology in the 70’s and 80’s to the PLC driven CNC playing field. This was in line with the best of the best ie: Okuma OSP series – Fadal EngineeringHaas and Mazak (later on)
That is 40 and 50 years ago! (I know, it’s hard to believe) So, what do you do when the Controller screen gives up and stops working, rendering an expensive machine that is mechanically sound without the means to control what job is running on it? Worse yet, you make 8000 pieces instead of 3000 pieces because the CRT is worn out and the operator makes a mistake in reading the numbers. You see the big problem now? 

Well, That’s where Monitech and Take2 Electronics come in. The Centurion series of CRT displays are always in stock in our warehouse across the North American continent, with overnight delivery available to get your machine back up and running quickly and “Hassle-Free”!! We offer 2 solutions, a premium version and a more affordable kit. They both come with Plug & Play power and video cables to make installation a snap! Take out the old broken screen and bolt in the new Monitech LCD and plug it in….that’s about it!  Watch our youtube installation video to get the basic concept of what you have to do It’s only 2 and a half minutes long, and it relates to just about every 14 inch CRT inside a CNC machine operator control panel. You can always reach-out and Contact Us with your questions, or visit our Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, TicTok and youTube channels to learn more about our parts and services 




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