Mazak 8DSP40 LCD upgrade kit – Mazak 5470


Monitech LCD Upgrade Kit for 14″ Mazak Color CRT includes plug & play cables and warranty.
Also works with:

  • 5470,
  • 8DS P40,
  • Mazatrol T32-2,
  • M32 B,
  • T-2,
  • Mazak QT-10,
  • Mazak QuickTurn 10,
  • Mazatrol CAM T-2,
  • Mazak Super Quick Turn (SQT) 18M-Y Mark II

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The benefits of buying from Monitech are substantial. We offer an upgrade over the OEM; the CRT that your unit currently has is very old technology, nearing the end of its life cycle. Our LCD monitors are current technology with a very long life expectancy; over 50 000 hours. We offer our newer technology at a much lower cost than the OEM charges for their aging displays. In addition to the monetary savings and enhanced products, we have very quick lead times; we can often send out the product the same day an order is placed!

Click this link for Mazak 8DSP40 LCD upgrade kit installation video.


KME 26S-14019C, 26S14019C
KME 26S-14019L, 26S14019L
Sharp 8DSP40
Sharp AIQA8DSP40
Mitsubishi C-5470, C5470
Mitsubishi C-5470NS,
Hitachi CD1472D1M
Hitachi CD1472D1M-2
Mitsubishi D0506-22
Mitsubishi D0506-23
Mazak D72MA001840
Data Ray DR5614 – P/N 800291
Omni Vision E14DC
Omni Vision E14DC-ZL
Omni Vision E14DC-ZL Rev.1
Omni Vision FP12B4G1-ZL
Omni Vision FP12B4G0-ZL
Dynamic Displays QES2014-212

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