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Troubleshooting and Enhancing the 2711P PanelView Plus 7 Touchscreen Control System

The 2711P PanelView Plus 7 graphic terminal control system is widely used in various industries for its powerful capabilities. However, users may encounter issues with the touchscreen, which is a crucial input method for this control system. In this blog post, we will explore common problems faced by users and recommend an effective solution offered by Monitech to address these issues. 


Cracked Touchscreen: 

Excessive force beyond the recommended limit can cause the touchscreen of the 2711P PanelView Plus 7 to crack and become unresponsive. To avoid this, users should handle the touchscreen with care and apply appropriate pressure during operation. 


Stuck Touchscreen Area: 

A common issue occurs when a specific area of the touchscreen resistive panel is consistently activated, preventing smooth cursor movement. This problem is usually caused by using sharp objects instead of bare fingers. It’s important to use proper touch input methods to avoid damaging the touchscreen. 


Dead Spots: 

Dead spots refer to unresponsive areas on the touchscreen that fail to register touch inputs. While recalibrating the touchscreen may provide a temporary solution, persistent dead spots often indicate underlying problems. In such cases, replacing the touchscreen is necessary to restore full functionality. 


Calibration Issues: 

Accurate touchscreen calibration is crucial for precise input. However, if there are breaks in the data ribbon or outer traces, calibration will fail, rendering the touchscreen ineffective. In such situations, replacing the touchscreen is the recommended solution to ensure reliable and accurate operation. 


Monitech Touchscreen MF1900PPT7-22: An Optimal Solution 


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To address the aforementioned touchscreen issues faced by end-users, Monitech offers an excellent replacement solution: the MF1900PPT7-22 touchscreen. Here’s why it’s a reliable choice: 



Monitech’s replacement unit costs less than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part without compromising on performance. By choosing Monitech, users can obtain a cost-effective solution and save valuable resources. 



Finding replacement parts can be a challenge for end-users. However, Monitech keeps the MF1900PPT7-22 touchscreen in stock, ensuring quick dispatch and minimizing system downtime. With readily available replacements, users can swiftly address touchscreen issues and resume normal operations. 


Easy Installation: 

Installing the Monitech replacement touchscreen is a straightforward process. Users can easily remove the old touchscreen and plug in the new one. Connecting the data ribbon to the controller and conducting a quick test is all that’s needed. Monitech also provides a front overlay, giving the controller a refreshed appearance. 


Reliability and Support: 

Monitech has specifically developed the MF1900PPT7-22 touchscreen for use with the 19-inch PanelView Plus 7 controller (2711P-T19C22D9P). With dedicated technicians available to assist users, Monitech ensures reliability and provides support for any issues or questions that may arise during installation or operation. 



 The 2711P PanelView Plus 7 control system offers powerful functionality, but touchscreen issues can hinder its effectiveness. By being aware of common problems such as cracked screens, stuck areas, dead spots, and calibration issues, users can take preventive measures and seek appropriate solutions. 


Monitech’s touchscreen replacement, the MF1900PPT7-22, provides an optimal choice for users seeking to overcome touchscreen-related challenges. It offers affordability, availability, easy installation, and reliable performance. By considering this solution, users can address touchscreen issues and enhance the operation of their control systems effectively. 


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