Allen Bradley Panelview 600 LED Backlight


LED back-light REPLACEMENT for Allen Bradley Panelview 600 (2711-K6** 2711-B6**) OEM part number 2711-NL3. Twice as bright as the OEM CCFL bulbs, with low power consumption and long lasting lifespan.
NOTE: Does not work with a Panelview 600C (2711C) — 2711-T6C16L1 (T6C161) Please see our part MB600TLED


Allen Bradley Panelview 600 LED Backlight

Monitech provides replacement parts for 2711-K, 2711-T, 2711-B

Allen Bradley 600 LED

Panelview 600 LED backlight

One of the most common failures is the stock incandescent back light bulb overheats, causing the fiber optic to melt. This leads to extremely dim screens, some becoming completely unreadable. Knowing this issue, we created the Panelview 600 LED backlight replacement. This bulb replaces the stock back light bulb, can be installed in seconds, and eliminates the chance of you damaging your equipment! Operating at only 30 degrees Celsius,  the LED bulb is cool enough to hold in your hand during operation, and will not cause any damage to your fiber optic whatsoever. This works on all versions of the 600 (2711-K6*, 2711-T6*, 2711-B6*)  AB600LED is Monitech replacement part for 2711-NL3

We stand behind our product

We offer an industry leading warranty and comprehensive technical support for the Allen Bradley Panelview 600 LED backlights we sell. As well we employ innovative engineers that can develop and deploy a solution for your hard to find display requirements.

At Monitech, Quality is our Habit and we take Quality seriously. Our business is all about getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. This is why we warranty our products for one full year against any manufacturing defects.

Sometimes a phone call or email can solve the problem. If you are having video or cable issues with your new Panelview 600 LED backlight, read the user guide that came with your model. If you still need help, write to us using the form on our web site to get technical support from our Quality Control team. You can also call us!

USA Customers: 1-877-260-3426

Canada Customer: 519-725-2222

NOTE: If you purchased our product through one of our valued distributors, contact them directly.

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