HACO TPC 25 LCD upgrade kit


Retrofit replacement monitor for 14-inch Haco TPC 25 CRT

Monitech has the exclusive Haco TPC 25 monitor replacement solution. Our 12 inch LCD fits in the same space as the old 14 inch OEM CRT. We provided the cables needed to hook up the power and video signal, you will be up and running in just over 60 minutes!

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LCD Upgrade Kit for 14-inch Haco TPC 25 CRT. Comes with full cable kit for complete conversion.

We offer an upgrade over the OEM; the CRT that your unit currently has is very old technology, nearing the end of its life cycle. Our LCD monitors are current technology with a very long life expectancy; over 50,000 hours. We offer our newer technology at a much lower cost than the OEM charges for their aging displays. In addition to the monetary savings and enhanced products, we have very quick lead times; we can often send out the product the same day an order is placed!

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