We deliberately destroyed the touchscreen on a Panelview 600 controller

If you ever wondered how long it takes to swap out the touchscreen and keypad module (Monitech part number: MF600B) on an Allen Bradley Panelview 600 controller, well keep reading, or Watch the video.

Why would anyone (in their right mind) go ahead and smash the touchscreen on a perfectly good PV600 controller? That question has 2 possible answers:

  • They are NOT in their right mind (Clinically insane) or
  • They are the Manufacturer / Distributor of the repair part, and they want to show you how easy and quickly this part can be swapped out using only a screwdriver.

For the purpose of this writing, we did not speedup or edit the video in any way, we left every bit in for the viewer to see the number of screws we had to take out to get at the data ribbons in the controller guts, and we used the same screws (put back in) to complete the install. The hardest part of this whole process in my mind, is taking off the old touchscreen from the controller faceplate (the front bezel) – you need to use a bit of “elbow grease” to rip off the old broken keypad, clean the surface and take your time to stick the new part in place. On the new part, before you take off the backing from the peel & stick surface, match up one outer edge of the replacement part to the indent on the controller face plate, then remove the backing to put it in place the rest of the way. Once you stick it down

You do not get a second chance to take it off and adjust it.

In fact, that voids the warranty. So, please make sure you do plenty of dry runs before you attempt the peel & stick. Oh, and one other important thing is to fish the data ribbons thru the bezel so that you can plug them back in the controller electronics, to make the hole thing work. That’s it, simple, easy, and straight forward. You now have a new looking machine to make parts for the backlog of orders that have piled up.

Next time, take the guess-work of searching for parts out of the equation. Simply reach out to Monitech, get the part in your hands the next day, install it yourself, and you are up and running again with only     1 hour of downtime. Please Contact Us with your comments and questions. Thank you.

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