What is an Electro Luminescent Screen   MPTL1000EL

An electroluminescent display makes use of the phenomenon of electroluminescence. Although electroluminescent displays are not as commonly used as other display types, they are used in industrial, instrumentation and transportation applications. EL (Electroluminescence) backlighting is also called an ELP (Electroluminescence Panel). This type of backlighting is a technology that uses colored phosphors, not heat, to generate light and can be added to many LCD technologies.

Monitech carries Planar EL8358MS LCD which used in Xycom controllers displays.

Monitech Industrial Electronics Design & Manufacturing also carries the Allen Bradley 1000EL Planar Systems LCD replacement kits which are used in the following controllers:

Allen Bradley EL640480AM1 and EL640480A4
AVG Automation PGI100 — EL640480AA1
Mectron Qualifier EL640480A4
Van Dorn Pathfinder 3000 —

You can visit the LCD kit webpage that will service all the above controllers, just click here.

The magic potion for the EL screen is in the driver board. Monitech Engineers have developed the best products with regards to the EL technology, so that your downtime is minimized. You do not need to replace the entire controller, simply swap out the broken EL screen and you are making parts again. If you need our help during the installation, just reach out and Contact Us.

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