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Hitachi has always been a huge Japanese conglomerate- not only known in the industrial automation field but also spans automotive, power, and IT systems among many others. Ranking 95 on Fortune 500 and making over 82 billion USD in revenue the past year, its “Inspire the Next” tagline is quite fitting for a global giant that isn’t going away anytime soon.  

Juxtaposed against a similar Japanese brand sharing almost the same name, Hitachi Seiki tells a different story. This Japanese company made CNC machines since the ‘80s, but all of that ended in 2002 when Mori Seiki, now DMG Mori, took over the machine-tool manufacturer that’s up to the neck in debts.  

But that wasn’t the end of Hitachi Seiki for customers and operators whose machines are still running up until today. That’s the Japanese brand of reliability for you. 

Here at Monitech and Take2, we got display solutions whichever Hitachi it is you need. Here are some: 

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