Monitech CRT Retrofit kits explained

In the world of older (legacy) Automation Machinery controllers, one display reigned supreme overall. The good old CRT style TV was used in a countless number of Human Machine Interface (HMI) controllers such as CNC, Lathe, Mills, Molds, press, etc. Basically, any industrial machine with a controller in it, used to have, or still has a CRT as the output display.

The industrial revolution saw the need to make “MORE” products as fast as possible. Consumerism after WW2 was rampant. Due to a population (baby)boom, cities were going up everywhere and being populated as fast as developers could build houses. All these houses wanted appliances (Ovens, Fridge, Laundry machine, etc.) and the industry answered back by automating where possible. They would program a machine to spit out the same part repeatedly, so the utility company can have wire grips to bring electric power to all the homes that were going up. (That’s just one example)

OK, enough of the history lesson. Our aim here at Monitech is to bring you the solution for all the CRT’s that are still out there somewhere in the world. As a matter of fact, the solution we are about to present will work perfectly for LCDs also. To retrofit a CRT or LCD with another display, you need to provide 2 things: 1) Electric Power 2) Video (image) signal. The computer in the Panelview 1400E or Proto Trak MX2 which controls the movement of the machinery parts, can display in real time the results of the running machine, such as number of parts made, the sequence in the machining process and other information that are programmed into it.

Monitech has solved the question of what is needed to make these old displays work, and the solution comes in the form of a Monitech retrofit / CRT upgrade kit. That’s the beauty of it you see! Everything you need to fix a broken display is provided in the retrofit kit. Monitech and T2 Industrial have figured out the Power and Video cables needed to make over 300 different controllers work with the new LCD. You get the industrial level flat LCD panel, metal mounting brackets that match the holes in the controller where the old display used to be, as well as brand new power and video cables to the controller to make the whole thing work, regardless of the age and Brand. All we need from you is the make and model of your machine, along with pretty pictures of the front and the back controller section, showing the current power and video connections and BINGO!! We’re in business.

You need to take the machine down for about an hour to swap out the old and install the new (we provide the printed install guide for you to make life easier) and there you are, making parts again. We also carry HMI Touchscreens and controller keyboard (AKA: keypads) and LCD display backlights. What’s more Monitech and T2 Industrial have Technicians to help you if you get stuck, just contact us, or initiate a chat session from our websites to get a quick answer.

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