Benefits of LCD over CRT displays

In the wide world of monitors and displays, there are really only 2 options. The old-style CRT and the new style LCD panel. They are both “Output” devices, where the signal comes in from a main-board video card or driver-board and the image is displayed on the screen that you and I see. I have no doubt that you are reading this article on an LCD screen (Am I right?) This means that the “Liquid Crystals” or pixels as they are commonly known, are lit up by a “Backlight” to show the image on the screen. This is a major benefit of the LCD type monitors. A CRT monitor has a Cathode Ray Gun that shoots harmful gamma rays to “excite” the phosphor lining the inside surface of a vacuum sealed glass unit. The CRT monitor has a size limit (5-inches across) and it requires a big power supply using lots of electricity.By contrast, LCD panels use a lot less power. They either have a CCFL light source or LED’s, which use a fraction of the power a CRT monitor requires, without the harmful carcinogen rays!! (Remember hearing: ”Don’t sit so close to the TV!”) LCD’s are much thinner so they can be mounted anywhere and you can get a very small LCD, like in a watch or Volt meter test device. This also makes LCD’s very light weight, as well the low power consumption makes it possible for them to run on battery power which makes them portable (Laptops, Tablets, cell phones, watches, test devices, etc…)

Lastly, the CRT style displays are becoming harder and harder to find. They are no longer being developed or manufactured, so when the controller display on your 50-year-old Okuma CNC finally gives up the ghost, you are stuck with a 20-ton paperweight!! And that is not taking into account the backlog of orders that are pilling up, plus angry bosses and customers because your machine is down. Solution? Monitech easy to install retrofit kits with movable metal mounting brackets that will fit the old CRT frame exactly, I’m talking one to one drop-in replacement. The kits include an easy-to-follow printed install guide, with power and video cables to plug & play (no reprogramming required) we even provide the stepdown 12V power adapter for the low voltage LCD.

The swap out could not be any easier. Simply take out the old CRT and the electronics, leaving the bare metal frame in the controller unit. Plug in Monitech LCD with the cables provided to ensure it is working right, then bolt it in the controller frame where the old CRT used to live. DONE!! Your 20-ton boat anchor is up and running again making parts. The OEM will try and sell you a new machine that does the same thing your old CNC machine used to do, because the repair parts are not available. We say the display parts are readily available! Just give us a call or go on our website and search for your make and model. You will be surprised to find that we have the product you need on our shelves right now. Fast overnight delivery available to minimize downtimes.

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