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New product release

We are introducing new LED Backlights for Allen Bradley 1000 LCD panels. Monitech part numbers:

These are new and improved LED backlights that will fit your need and serve you well for years to come.

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Q1 2022

Here we are, well into the first quarter of 2022 with Covid restrictions finally showing some ease. That’s the Good News. Monitech can add to that good news by letting you know that we have many projects on the Go that were carried over from last year. Our Engineers have developed many prototypes that will help repair your broken LCD or CRT unit in the operator controller interface panel. From backlights for Heidenhain units and Fagor controllers to new LCD units for the Hurco VM1 machine. We have used the Pandemic to MAKE the most and develop new products.

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Exciting News from Monitech Innovation Team

Monitech Innovation Technicians have made great leaps and bounds in brining you the latest and greatest devices to help you with your day to day operations. We have developed 2 new ideas that we think are the best invention since Sliced Bread!

  1. LCD Frequency Meter
    In order to help you troubleshoot the issues with the LCD display, we have developed the new FM device which when plugged in, will show a read out of  the Horizontal and Vertical Sync signal numbers. This report along with a very simple and easy to follow User Guide will prove that there is an issue, or there is no issues with the Monitech LCD. You can see this device at work by visiting our Youtube video.
  2. Remote Controller Monitor
    The other device we have perfected is the remote monitoring of the controller HMI screen. What this unit does is that it gives you the power and flexibility to walk away from the controller and still see the controller output screen. For example if you are making a long running part on the mill, you can safely walk away and still see the HMI LCD. A supervisor can launch the app and see where a particular machine is with regards to a run. and many more ideas, which we are exploring. You can see this device at work on our you-tube channel also.

Please feel free to contact us for more info on the above, and remember to Like our videos and to comment. You can also post your feedback here on our website.

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Monitech Product Promo Video is Here

With the ongoing Pandemic around the Globe, and with many MFG plants working hard to produce PPE and Respirators,   Monitech and all it’s affiliates are managing to stay open to support the MFG effort with much needed repair parts. You can visit the Products page to search for your controller display replacement, or simply contact us either by eMail or our Toll Free line to discuss your particular case.

Here is a short video to introduce you to a small sample of our Products. Don’t forget to click Like and comment. Feel free to share this video with your Team to better understand Monitech Industrial products and services.

[button link=”https:monitech.com/contact/” newwindow=”yes”] Contact Us[/button]


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Monitech infographic2


Monitech is continuing the innovation projects by producing never seen before products and services that make life easier for our clients and returning customers. Of note, we are working on a host of new Backlights for LCD’s that require a special inverter board. Stay informed through our Bi-weekly newsletter and visit this page often to catch up on the latest development of our on going innovation projects. You can also visit and Like our Facebook page also, feel free to retweet our Twitter posts.


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Round 2 of COVID-19 Lockdown

Due to the recent changes in Ontario COVID-19 Lockdown policy, Monitech is following the mandated rule of restricting access to walk-in customers and visitors. As of Dec 26, 2020, Our Canadian office is open for on-line business only, with Curb-side pickup of previously scheduled orders. The current lock-down is set to be lifted late in January 2021, therefore, we request that our valued customers respect these safety measures in order to keep our employees and clients as safe as possible. Once the government of Ontario has deemed safe to do so, Monitech will update their visitor procedures to match the legislated rulings. Thank you and Stay Safe.

Great News to Our Valued Customers

News release pic1

We are very glad to inform you that we have extended the Warranty Period of our reliable and very affordable Light LCD series of monitors to 18 months now. Our LL Series of upgrade kits come with the same Plug & Play cable kits  as our premium version LCD kits (power and video cables provided), as well as a printed User Guide for your convenience. Please feel free to contact us at any stage of the installation or configuration with your questions. We are here to help you get the most out of your New Replacement LCD Kit.

Monitech has introduced a new way for you to save 15% off your next purchase.

Please join Monitech Referral Program and introduce Monitech to your friends and affiliates to receive a 15% discount (coupon code) to be used on your very next purchase. When the company you suggest purchase our product or use our services, you receive a discount code to be used on our website. Excellent incentive to circulate the word of mouth, with a Win – Win situation for everyone involved.Referral program 15% off coupon


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Monitech is 15 years old and Proudly Marching Forward!! 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Starting of our 16th year in Business!!.
Monitech has been the rock solid and well established customer service-minded company with benchmark Replacement Parts which are often replicated but never duplicated. Our Replacement Parts and services to your Controller Display systems are the best in the industry with our Engineers and Technicians sharing their vast knowledge and ability with you the valued customer. It is with special thanks to our returning clients and new prospects that we can proudly make this announcement.  

Looking forward to serving you with your automation machinery display requirements for many more years ahead.  

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Monitech Q3 -2020 – News Release

Custom display developments and repair work

Monitech is continually adding to the line up of displays we service. From our excellent Repair Services, to “Do-It-yourself” (DIY) upgrade kits for LCD units and backlight replacements, to controller terminal keypads and Touchscreen overlays; we are constantly looking to offer you more products and services. If you do not see your specific product line or controller listed, we ask that you contact us. We have the necessary Engineering experience to develop an affordable and customized solution for your application here in North America. Feel free to send your requirements directly to our sales department sales@monitech.com , we will respond within 1 business day.

Stay tuned and visit this page often for more Monitech Corporate News and developments

June 22, 2020

Monitech is allowing visitors to the Ontario Canada Head Office plant, provided you submit the COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire form for approval prior to your visit. Please submit your entry to Admin@monitech.com for review and approval.

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Sept 2020

(This Sale has now ended) Please Contact us.

Monitech is working closely with our affiliate companies to offer you a very affordable LCD upgrade kit this month (Sep 2020) Our Mazak CRT to LCD upgrade kits are 10% off. Please click here to visit their site now.

September Promo

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Mid-summer Update

Monitech has remained open all through the Pandemic events as our products and services were deemed necessary to the companies who support frontline workers. With the shutdowns and isolations slowly lifting, more businesses are returning to previous level of work. Monitech is also increasing the efforts to support your requirements with our signature “Quick Turnaround” repair service, Fast shipping, and on-time delivery, as well as high quality products with Technical Support. This Full Service, one stop shop for all your display needs means that you “The Customer” only stand to win by working with Monitech. Please visit our on-line store https://monitech.com/products/ and use the top search bar to look for your specific product. If you feel you still need our help in finding the parts for your repair, or have any questions regarding our products and services Please https://monitech.com/contact us.

Monitech pill picture

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Monitech Q2 -2020 – News Release

Newly developed LED Replacement Back-Lights

Monitech’s engineers have released a new batch of LED Back-light replacements for different controllers. This easy to install series are designed with quality, Value, and Do-It-Yourself in mind, with almost all the work already done for you. You simply slide out your currently broken and dim CCFL back-light bulb and replace it with our “High Lumens” LED version. These Back-Lights come with an easy to follow (printed) install guide to help you along the way. Please Contact Us with your back-light requirement and we will provide a quick and affordable solution.

Panelview 600 dual LED trip backlights
Mazatrol CCFL replacement bulb
10.4 inch LED Replacement back-light for MAZATROL 640 M (PC-FUSION-CNC)
Okuma OSP7000 LED backlight
LED backlight and Inverter to replace CCFL in a OKUMA OSP7000, OSP700, OSP100U
Cutler Hammer 1785T LED backlights
Double LED Backlights for CUTLER-HAMMER 1785T 9M99 1700 with L-shaped Lights


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Monitech Coronavirus update

Ensuring the Maximum possible safer working environment for our employees at Monitech in accordance with the recent legislature mandated by the government officials, we would like to inform you that Monitech and the subsidiary affiliates are open for business as usual. The recent announcement of limited border crossing between USA and Canada does not affect our business as we have foreseen this situation and made provisions for ample inventory in both locations. Please feel free to visit our website to browse our product line, or to make a purchase for immediate shipment.

If you have comments or questions, you can contact us directly by sending your email to Sales@monitech.com or call us on our Toll Free line 1-877-493-6105.

Thank you for your patronage,

Monitech Industrial Displays.

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Announcing the release of Panelview 550 Aluminum Bezel

4 aluminum bezel in 1 picture

Monitech Engineers have tested and released the New Panelview 550 Aluminum front bezels to market. You have the option of buying the bare metal and putting your current Touchscreen on it, or better yet, buy the complete assembled unit and be up and running in less than 1 hour! Please Contact Us regarding any questions.


Here at Monitech we always celebrate Jan 27 with cake and good merriment, as it is the anniversary of the company being born (established in 2006) This year was no different, with a delicious cake and coffee for all staff and management. Thank you to the owners for passing a major milestone in business. 14 years and counting, we owe it to our valued and loyal customers, as well as our hard working staff. Enjoy!!

14th year in business birthday cake

Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 600 LCD screen

We have very good news to share with you, regarding the very popular Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 600 LCD screen. We have had many requests in the past few years to develop this product, and we are very glad to announce the successful release of the MP600PA LCD panel by our hard working Engineering and Innovation team. Please contact us to order this product today.

Panelview Plus 600 LCD inside the controller

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Here at Monitech, we strive to develop new products and services to better serve you. In the month of October, Monitech brought power to the big Cincinnati Milacron machine we purchased in July 2019. 

In November of 2019, we rebuilt the controls for the above machine and tested it with great success. Now comes the the programming of the machine, and mass producing parts for our customers.

December 2019  is always a challenge to fit 4 weeks of business into 3, because of the impending holidays. Never the less, Monitech had their annual company Christmas dinner and Secret Santa gift exchange! A fun time was had by all, and if you need to use the Panini Press to the Waffle maker, just ask Hess. 

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booth picMonitech was present and proudly showcased our top selling products at this years Manufacturing Technology Trade Show in Long Beach California on Sept 24, 25 and 26. The show was a big success with lots of traffic and interested companies stopping by to introduce themselves and to talk with our Sales and Engineering staff on hand. We even raffled off a 43 inch smart TV. Pictures of this raffle will follow soon.

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Monitech is having the very popular Free Shipping promotion this month. Included in your purchase, is Ground Service shipments to Canada and USA destinations. 

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Monitech Cinci machine Monitech has purchased (invested) in a big milling machine to streamline our production operations. Once operational, we have the ability to custom make metal works to fit any controller frame. Quick turn around of quality products means that our customers stand to win by partnering with us. If you need more info in this regard, please Contact Us.

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Monitech is offering a free touch screen this month with the purchase of a Panelview  1400E replacement LCD kit. When you purchase the Premium Quality 1400E LCD monitor we will include a free 13 inch touch screen in your shipment. This is a $325.00 retail value item which is yours for free! 

In other news, Monitech is experiencing a high volume of Repair requests this month. Our highly trained technicians are busy keeping up with this demand, and our promise of a quick turn around. If you would lke to take advantage of this service please Contact Us today.