Allen Bradley Panelview 550 Controller Keypad replacement

Monitech Keypad-overlay replacement for Panelview 550 operator controller terminal. works with 2711-K5 series of controllers. Peel off the old and clean the surface, peel and stick the new keypad to Panelview 550 controller and plug in the data ribbon. it’s that simple! High quality raised clickable, tactile keys, durable construction.

Watch our YouTube installation Video here. Scroll to Min 4:00 if you don’t want to watch Chris change the backlight bulb with our twice bright 2711-NL1 LED replacement.



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AB Allen-Bradley Panelview 550 2711-B5A3 2711-B5A5 Membrane Keypad

Panelview 550 Kepad
Panelview 550 Kepad

At Monitech, we have identified key issues with the Allen Bradley 550 panelview. From overheating to melting, cracked screens to failed panels, we have seen all of the issues. We have a range of replacement parts to deal with every issue we come across. Monitech supplies the highest quality parts, to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum. Replace a few parts, and your dim screen will be perfectly readable again in minutes!

550 Keypad –  MF550K

Fits all 2711-K5 models

  • 2711-K5A1
  • 2711-K5A10
  • 2711-K5A10L1
  • 2711-K5A10L2
  • 2711-K5A10L3
  • 2711-K5A12
  • 2711-K5A12L1
  • 2711-K5A12L2
  • 2711-K5A12L3
  • 2711-K5A14
  • 2711-K5A14L1
  • 2711-K5A14L2
  • 2711-K5A14L3
  • 2711-K5A15
  • 2711-K5A15L1
  • 2711-K5A15L2
  • 2711-K5A15L3
  • 2711-K5A16
  • 2711-K5A16L1
  • 2711-K5A16L2
  • 2711-K5A16L3
  • 2711-K5A1L1
  • 2711-K5A1L2
  • 2711-K5A1L3
  • 2711-K5A2
  • 2711-K5A20
  • 2711-K5A20L1
  • 2711-K5A20L2
  • 2711-K5A20L3
  • 2711-K5A2L1
  • 2711-K5A2L2
  • 2711-K5A2L3
  • 2711-K5A3
  • 2711-K5A3L1
  • 2711-K5A3L2
  • 2711-K5A3L3
  • 2711-K5A5
  • 2711-K5A5L1
  • 2711-K5A5L11
  • 2711-K5A5L2
  • 2711-K5A5L3
  • 2711-K5A5P-R
  • 2711-K5A8
  • 2711-K5A8L1
  • 2711-K5A8L2
  • 2711-K5A8L3
  • 2711-K5A9
  • 2711-K5A9L1
  • 2711-K5A9L2
  • 2711-K5A9L3
  • 2711-K5A9P-R


Product Description Allen Bradley Panelview 550 Controller Keypad replacement
Condition New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable).
Brand Allen-Bradley
Compatibility Panelview 550 operator controller terminal
Model MF550K
Controller Platform Panelview 550 operator controller terminal
Accessories All of our products come with installation guide and a cable kit that fits from your machine. This is a plug-and-play solution! No re-wiring, no re-programming.
Type Keypad
UPC Does Not Apply
EAN Does Not Apply
Warranty Read our warranty details for our products: TERMS OF WARANTY
Return Returns are accepted. Our standard return policy includes a 10% restocking fee. However, please contact us for more information.
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