Anilam 1400M Omnivision E144C-BE CRT to LCD upgrade kit


14-inch Anilam 1400M controller Omnivision E144C-BE CRT Replacement

Replace your Anilam Omnivision 1400M CRT display with a brand new state of the art LCD screen for less than the OEM part. The Anilam 1400M LCD replacement kit has bee specially designed to fit right in place of the old CRT. This means all you have to do is loosen 4 bolts to take out the original CRT and mount your new LCD in the same frame. Our exclusive plug and play cable kit saves you money and time. 

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LCD Upgrade Kit for 14-inch CRT in Anilam 1400M Controller with Omnivision E144C-BE CRT. Full cable kit for complete conversion.

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