Panelview 600 overlay plus membrane

$50.00 USD

Panelview 600 overlay is an exclusive Allen Bradley product which is always in stock at Monitech. The largest and most reputable companies buy Monitech touchscreens and overlays. The quality and performance are unparalleled in the Panelview after-market. Easy to install, they are just as durable as the OEM version. Ask for Monitech part number MF600F, and the installation couldn’t be easier, just peel and stick. Limited Warranty included.


MF600FAt Monitech, we have identified key issues with the Allen Bradley Panelview 600 Overlays. From overheating to melting, cracked screens to failed panels, we have seen all of the issues. We have a range of replacement parts to deal with every issue we come across. Monitech supplies the highest quality parts, to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum. Replace a few parts, and your dim screen will be perfectly readable again in minutes!

Terms of our warranty.