Replace your Allen Bradley 550 Panelview Backlight with our new Light Engine backlight!

Replace your Allen Bradley 550 Panelview Backlight with our new Light Engine backlight! This part is an upgrade from our previous model MB550LED. This easily installed, low heat replacement unit will breath new life into your old Panelview 550 with a much brighter light source, running at a lower temperature.
At Monitech, we have identified key issues with the Allen Bradley 550 panelview. From overheating to melting, cracked screens to failed panels, we have seen all of the issues. We have a range of replacement parts to deal with every issue we come across. Monitech supplies the highest quality parts, to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum. Replace a few parts, and your dim screen will be perfectly readable again in minutes!
One of the most common failures is the stock incandescent back light bulb overheats, causing the fiber optic to melt. This leads to extremely dim screens, some becoming completely unreadable. Knowing this issue, we created the LED back light bulb replacement. This bulb replaces the stock back light bulb, can be installed in seconds, and eliminates the chance of you damaging your equipment! Operating at only 30 degrees Celsius,  the LED bulb is cool enough to hold in your hand during operation, and will not cause any damage to your fiber optic whatsoever.
The Original equipment Manufacturer part numbers that this part will replace are 2711-B5A5, 2711-K5A8, 2711-NL12711-T5A8Long fiber optic 2711-K5/B5, short fiber optic, Panelview 550 all in one screen (touch + LCD)
Our monitors are assembled in-house by our team of monitor experts. All of our displays have gone through testing before they are shipped out, to ensure that you received a display that meets your expectations. We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products, so if any component of the product fails within the first year, we will replace it free of charge.

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