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Panelview 900 backlight sheet

2711-NL2 Panelview 900 Backlight

How Did Monitech Save the Day (Jan 4, 2023)  Panelview 900 backlight sheet

As we all know “Sticky Situations” creep up at the most inopportune time with a massive “Monkey Wrench” tossed in the progress of a job or project. Nothing is more frustrating than taking half a day to setup a long running production run, only to find the machine has controller issues. Broken operator control panel screen or a non-functioning Touchscreen or Keypad keyboard leaves you scratching your head, with a thought of “ How in the world am I going to input the Panelview program parameters into the controller?”

In these situations, you can count on Monitech and their affiliated distributors to ship your repair part for delivery the next business day. Our Tampa Bay warehouse has the most popular brands of controller HMI parts in stock to get you out of those pesky Sticky Jammy situations. Case and point: Our customer with a Panelview 900 controller needed a backlight to read the screen. They came to us as the last resort because everyone else was either out of stock or had a long lead time. The OEM even tried to up-sell them a whole new controller, WOW!! Solution: MB900LED easy to install LED backlight. Our new design matches the mounting holes in the Panelview 900 controller. We even include the hardware needed to attach this unit in place. Plug in the 12 Volt power header to the pins on the controller and you have a bright new, low current new technology LED backlight that emits virtually no heat!

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