Heidenhain BE211 and BE211B inside TNC 151


Premium LCD Panelmount Monitor for 12-inch monochrome Heidenhain BE211 and BE211B CRT inside TNC 150B, TNC 151. Includes full cable kit.

We have developed the CRT replacement monitor and front bezel for the TNC151 machine, with a Heidenhain BE211 and BE211B controls. With plug and play cables provided, you are back in business in 1 hour. Pleasenote that we need 2 days Lead time for final assembly and testing. Click ADD TO CART to start the process now.

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The benefits of buying Heidenhain BE211 (TNC 151) kit from Monitech are substantial. We offer an upgrade over the OEM; the CRT that your unit currently has is very old technology, nearing the end of its life cycle. Our Heidenhain BE211 (TNC 151) kits are built with the current technology with a very long life expectancy; over 50,000 hours. We offer this new technology, at a much lower cost than the OEM charges for their aging displays. In addition to the monetary savings and enhanced performance of our Heidenhain BE211 (TNC 151) kit, we have very quick lead times, therefore, we can often ship your new upgrade kit the same day your order is placed!

We stand behind our product

We offer an industry leading warranty and comprehensive technical support for the Heidenhain BE211 (TNC 151) kit. As well we employ innovative engineers that can develop and deploy a solution for your hard to find display requirements.

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